Thursday, April 19, 2018

Colgate EALL (5)

I've been working on the plant-on corners for the Japanese room, and that work forms the focus of this posting.

This week I took a trip to Colgate to check the room out, meet the parties involved, and take some measurements. I found that none of the room corners where the plant-on posts would be located had square corner. Not even close in fact - the angles were on the order of 86˚. i'm glad i waited to check this aspect before I had put the corner boards together at the shop.

The boards have a simple rebated and glued joint, which is configured so as to make the join between the boards disappear at the chamfer between the pieces:

To rebate the corner boards, I first used my table saw to remove most of the material, then set up the shaper with a Zuani 'jolly' multi-purpose cutter, here configured for rebating:

The cutter is surrounded by the Integral fence and is ready for cutting after some calibration cuts on a scrap piece have been completed:

One the rebates were done, using a climbing cut with aid of the stock feeder, I had a further cut to make to remove an approximate 4˚ slice off of the inside faces of the rebated sticks. The bandsaw table was tilted accordingly and I got to work:

Clamp-a-thon (donations now accepted!), corner #1:

Here's a square in place to show how far out of square I have made the interior of the corner after the parts are glued up:

After a couple of days, the four corners were glued up:

A little hard to see them, as placed side by side they look very much like a large avodire accordion.

In the above picture you can see a piece of cherry too, one of the recent stock arrivals for this project. it's the largest chunk of cherry I've bought, at 20/4 (5", 127mm) thick, and about 11' long. After an initial cut to bring it closer to finish length, I hoisted it onto the jointer:

Once jointed, a little trimming followed on the bandsaw:

And then it was planed, with a second jointing operation in the middle of that, followed by planing to near finish size.

A 4.75" (120mm) square was produced, and I was pleased to find it has some figure too:

I think the cherry and avodire will look great together.

Besides the cherry post, I also obtained this cherry slab, which will be used for the toko-ita and the chigai-dana, or staggered shelves:

I like how the wood seller gives some of the boards names, like 'Enoch'. That's a name you don't come across too often.

Next step is to chamfer the post glue ups, and for this I have obtained a set of chamfer knives for the corrugated knife head, a CGG Schmidt product. I'll detail more about that in a subsequent post. Thanks for visiting this time, hope you enjoyed the pictures. Post 6 follows.


  1. Can you post the name of the "wood seller"

  2. Replies
    1. You're welcome. Skip is a good guy to work with and if you're looking for domestic slab stock, he'd be one of the first to call.


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