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Ryden's Block Box

My son turning 1 year of age, I decided to make him something for his birthday. I thought a set of blocks would be a basic and useful addition to his collection, and that then led to the idea of making a storage box so as to keep them conveniently all in one place. Not that it is likely at any time soon that such a semblance of order will emerge in our household.

Anyhow, I have been working to make a short video, and this really is a dry run of sorts for a much longer video to come in the near future on the assembly of the Ming-Inspired Cabinet.

I hope it was informative and not too much of a pain to watch. I learned a lot about iMovie in the process and aim to improve with my next effort. My son is enjoying his blocks - that's the main thing!

All for this time on The Carpentry Way. Thanks for visiting!