Friday, December 2, 2016

TAJCD Supplement: Plane Set Up and Tuning Now Available!

Finally, it is ready:

This 185-page text on kanna set up and tuning, largely a compilation of three separate multi-post series here on the Carpentry Way over the past 5 years, is ready after a spell of compiling, editing, and additions. I believe it is the most detailed manual available on the topic.

The Table of Contents:

A sample page (18) from the text:

Another, page 108:

Available now in .pdf format, and priced at $35.00. Note that any future revisions to the text will always available free to original purchasers. If this Supplement is purchased as part of the 5-volume TAJCD Set, price drops to $30.00 (5-Volume set price including Supplement is $170.00).

Payment via Paypal and other means. Please contact me for details.

1 comment:

  1. Chris,

    I've been waiting for you to publish this and am so glad you are! This is going to have a spot of honor in my shop's library.



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