Sunday, December 4, 2016

TAJCD Monograph Series: The Locking, Mitered Box Joint

I've just put together a 45-page monograph on a right-angle joint which I make extensive use of in my work, the Japanese name being 箱相欠き車知栓仕口,  Hako-aigaki-shachi-sen-shiguchi.

Yep, 45 pages on a single type of joint. What could be in there?

A version of the joint:

This is the strongest wood-joined corner construction possible, a joint unknown in the western tradition. I decided it is time to make it known! This forms the start of a monograph series which I hope to add to from time to time. These will be moderately priced. This first monograph is $17.00. Contact me on email to purchase.

The next monograph will likely be on the Osaka Castle Gatepost Joint, a 'trick' joint.


  1. A fantastic idea and a incredible fine looking joint.
    Would a joint like that be used for sills as well, or is it only used in furniture?


    1. Jonas,

      It's used in architectural timber work, sills and headers, used in finish carpentry, and I've adapted it many times to furniture work.


  2. Wonderful! Thanks for doing this, excited for future editions. I'll be contacting you via email for purchase.



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