Friday, December 9, 2016

TAJCD Monograph Series: 3-Way Post to Header Connection

The second issue in the TAJCD Monograph series has just been released:

This one tops out at 120 pages - and required a table of contents:

The joint in question is a little-seen variant on how to connect a post to a mitered header joint above, and utilizes several details to lock the parts together. The layout and cutting is described in painstaking, step-by-step detail, with close to 100 photographs and numerous sketches.

Here's a look at the completed joint, which presents a rather modest appearance from this view:

Price for this Monograph is $20.00. Please contact me for further details, or, if you have purchased other TAJCD material in the past, proceed with directly with Paypal and I'll get the material out to you promptly.

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