Saturday, December 17, 2016

Annual Book Sale

Time to thin the herd. Prices as marked, not including shipping which will generally by by USPS.

To purchase, send a mail to me (see sidebar for my email) with a note as to which book(s) you are wanting and your location for shipping. Will mark 'sold' for individual items as things progress. If you wish to purchase several books, let me know by email and I'll discount the total price.


Softcover. A survey of French Dormers. $25.00  SOLD


Softcover. $20 SOLD


Ban-kin Kōsaku no Jitsugi (Actual techniques of Sheet Metal work). Softcover. $20


Minka no Dezin. Softcover. $20


Shaji Kenchiku no Kanshō Kiso Chishiki (Appreciation and Knowledge of Temple Architecture). Rare book, originally owned by Mary Neighbor Parent, author of The Roof in Japanese Buddhist Architecture. $30


Hardcover Edition. $24  SOLD!


Softcover. Doctoral Thesis looking at Carpentry Layout Systems. $20 SOLD


Hardcover (out of print), in excellent condition. $30


Hardcover. $30SOLD!


Hardback. Looks at houses built in the US with a Japanese influence, including projects by Eastwind. $17


Hardcover. $12


Softcover. $12


Hardcover. Deals entirely with European furniture. $25


Softcover. An authoritative volume on the topic. $15 SOLD!


Softcover. $15


Hardcover. $10


Softcover. $8

Thanks for looking! More books to be posted up shortly: click here.


  1. Hi Chris,
    I can't get the email link to work. I would like the Big house big barn book if it is still available.

    1. Thanks Ralph. Please contact me at with your shipping address and I'll get you a price. Media rate mail should make the cost $5 to ship I would guess, with another $2~3 for a bubble mailer.



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