Thursday, July 21, 2016

BCM Maker Faire

I'll be at the Boston Children's Museum this coming Saturday to participate in the Maker Faire.

As part of the preparation for that, I have made a few joinery models, including these two splicing joints:

The models, of four in total, were commissioned by the Museum for the purposes of educating children about Japanese carpentry. Part of the challenge for me was to make them just loose enough to allow for ready assembly and disassembly.

The shorter of the two splices, or tsugi-te, is a simple twin stub tenon affair, ni-mai mechigai hozo tsugi:

The longer one is an archaic form of half-lapped gooseneck, koshi-kake-kama-tsugi:

Partial separation reveals the intersections of the parts more clearly:

More separation, without anxiety:

Another view:

How about one more for good measure?:

I'll also be bringing along examples of work-in-progress, like this cabinet drawer, a sliding door with latticework, and so forth:

I also plan to display some of my Japanese hand tools.

If you're in the area and have a moment to spare, please do drop the Maker Faire by and say 'hello'.

All for now - thanks for visiting the Carpentry Way.


  1. Really wish I was in Boston this weekend, sounds like a lot of fun and would love to see all of that in person. Great stuff!


    1. Jonathan,

      It might become a yearly event, judging by how many applicants there were for booth space, so perhaps we'll catch you sometime later? Appreciate your interest.


  2. Hope it does become an annual event Chris! Enjoy, unfortunately I won't be in Boston today.

  3. Fabulous... you are such to inspire some youngsters to try woodworking! (How is baby and mama?)

    1. Julie,

      thanks - I'll be posting up a follow-up on the event shortly.

      Appreciate you asking about us. Baby is slowly gaining weight, nearing one month of age, and mama gets almost no sleep of late due to feeding regimen. We're looking forward to getting through the current phase of around-the-clock nursing.


    2. Very hard to go with little sleep, but it's worth it in the end. (I know, I had three)


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