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A Ming-Inspired Cabinet (61)

Trucking right along with the work on the upper sliding doors with matsu-kawa-hishi latticework.

After beading and profiling the door frame fronts, and completing the rebates on the rails, I used the scraping plane to do a little clean up:

Here I've done a test fit of two (temporarily assembled) door frames to see how they fit into the cabinet:

It was a nice moment in my day to find the frames fitting as planned.

Same was then done with cabinet #2:

Then the frames were removed and the lattice assemblies scribed to them. That was followed by completion of that layout, and then chopping of spear-point housings:

Here's a test fitting of the end of the lattice into the stile housings:

Seems to go together okay:

I later placed a backing piece in the dado to ensure that the lattice, after fitting, left room for the shedua panel which will be fitted soon enough:

A bit of time went by and eventually I had the first frame and lattice assembly together. It seemed an idea to see how it looked in place:

Me like! The lattice has some backing strips fitted to the groove behind to keep it in place.

A while afterwards, assembly #2 was in:

A closer look - the door stiles in the middle overlap one another slightly too much at this point because the tenons and end grain of the tongues sticks out a 1/16" or so still:

A view of the two doors side by side so you can see the modest amount of clearance between the two:

The outer door is not sitting all the way down in it's groove. The fit is a hair tight at this juncture.

A look at some areas of intersection between lattice and frame:

The lattice assemblies will need a thorough going-over to clean up the odd mark here and there and apply some slight chamfering, a task that will undoubtedly be on the tedious side.

All for this round. Thanks for visiting the Carpentry Way. Post 62 lies ahead.