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A Ming-Inspired Cabinet (59)

My last post was on May 28th, and I thought it might be another day of work to complete the matsu-kawa-hishi lattice for the upper sliding doors. Today, being June 3rd, shows my level of underestimation in terms of what it would take to complete the task. These things were endless!

The cut out went well, but it definitely took a while. I stood in front of the milling machine for a full week - or was it more? I've lost track of time. Mount the part in the fixture, then left, right, back, forward, demount, next piece is mounted, left, right.....

After all the laps were processed, the next task was trimming the ends - though these in fact have two cuts, my plan was to execute only one cut per end on the mill and save the other cut for later. Here's one of the cuts being executed:

The stick is indexed in the fixture with a cross piece atop which it laps.

Here I'm trimming the miter in the other direction:

When the chips had settled, I put the parts together and had four complete frames:

A closer look at a pair of frames:

A closer look at one frame:

And a closer look yet:

The connections were clean and the frames lay quite flat after connections were done. Fortune favors the bold perhaps? The plan on paper met the result in practice, so I felt satisfied.

The same lattice atop one of the shedua panels, just for a look-see:

The kumiko are not completely finished, nor are they glued up, but that will happen soon enough. The assemblies came out well I thought. The mill allows for accurate work.

I next have to work on the sliding door frame members, and then work out exactly how I will connect the lattice to the frame. I had one intention initially, but after completing the lattices I now am mulling three alternate approaches to making the connections....

All for this round. Thanks for dropping by the Carpentry Way. Post 60 is next.