Sunday, February 7, 2016

A Ming-Inspired Cabinet (31)

Post 31 in an ongoing series....


Continuing on with the stretcher cut out and fitting. With the long side stretchers fitted to each post, the posts and stretchers could be assembled together and then fitted to the beams:

Down she goes:


The fits are pretty close to where I want them, however there will be some tweaking to come at a later point:

Through tenons peeking out:

At the top end the post's tenon comes right through:

Another view:

The pillow block assemblies were then checked for fit:

All four pillow block sets in place:

The parts have a larger appearance at this time as there has been no chamfering or other detailing on the parts:

This is stand #2, which has had the short stretchers fitted. The long stretchers are through the cut out phase but not yet fitted:

All for this round. Should have stand #2 done tomorrow and then I have some work to complete on the cornice, which will essentially complete major cut out on the stands.

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