Monday, February 15, 2016

2016 Workshop Announcement

As some may have noticed in the sidebar to the right of the page, there will be a 4-day class in Japanese hand tool set up taking place May 14th~17th. Class tuition is $695.00, with a limit of 6 participants. Please contact me by email for further details. This class will be largely the same as the one offered last year, however expanded to 4 days so more can be covered. Planning to put together a list of interested participants for the remainder of February into March, and then will be collecting deposits sometime in the latter part of March. The class will take place at my shop in Leeds, Massachusetts.

Note: the class has been cancelled.

There will be another class or two offered in October of this year, and specifics will be detailed in a few more months. The J tool prep class however will only be offered in May. October classes will likely comprise a 4-day joinery class, and a 3-day class in building hoppers (boxes with splayed sides), again, details to come later.

For now, I'll leave y'all with an example of local beauty, photographed in Rowe Massachusetts a few months back:

Much more beautiful than if it had been painted, no?


  1. Blended into landscape.
    Otherwise it looks like that a 3D-graffiti-artist sprayed the wall. (and did a great job)
    In my view the knoty areas are standing proud off of the rest of the boards.
    If it is not only an optical illusion, are they worn out by weather to that degree?


  2. Marc,

    yes, nothing but weathering going on there. Knotty areas are strongly proud of the surrounding surface.


  3. Amazing!
    Something I have never seen before in this condition.
    I wonder how old this wall is...
    Anyway, it looks pretty sound to me.
    Good for a few more decades I think.



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