Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Gateway (55)

Post 55 in an ongoing series describing the design and construction of a kabukimon, a type of Japanese gate. This is a project for the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Post 1 in this series can be found here if you'd like to start at the beginning. Each post links to the next at the bottom of the page. Recent installments also to be found in the 'Blog archive' index to the right of the page.


Short and sweet today. I am under the weather and staying home from the shop today, which is just as well since it is tax season and I needed to do a bunch of paperwork anyhow.

Yesterday saw me through the jointing, planing, layout and mortising work on the side door stiles:

The through mortises are 10mm wide.

The variation in the mortises is related to the fact that one of the stiles accepts hinges, while the other does not:

A little while later the mortises for the battens were cleaned out to the lines:

All for now. Hoping to be not too sick so I can return to action tomorrow after my appointment with the tax advisor. We'll see how it goes. Post 56 next.


  1. What's the difference between a dead rat and a dead tax inspector found on the road?
    There are skid marks by the rat.

    1. Tico,

      took me a moment to get that one..

  2. Chris,
    You're the real deal. I've looked forward to reading your posts every day for the past couple years. I hope to meet you some time. Please keep posting frequently. You're an inspiration to us all!

    Thank you.


    1. Dan,

      most kind of you to say - thanks!



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