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Gateway (46)

Post 46 in a continuing series.


Today was the coldest day so far in my shop, definitely below freezing. i worked near a portable heater as much as I could.

The task at hand was the layout and cut out work on the two headers, illustrated in red in the sketch below:

The two headers are similar in most respects, however the one on the left will have a dado for the panels, while the one on the right is actually a wider timber section as it is doing double duty as a backstop for the side door.

The layout of the right side header, above the side door, was tricky since it was not symmetrical about the centerline axis and has a tongue on one side. Layout from a reference line makes this process simpler, so long as you locate the reference line correctly, and it doesn't hurt to check directly by overlaying the part on the connecting piece to be sure that things are going to match the cut out already done:

You can see that the tongue on the left face of the stick will sit proud of the surface of the flanking post, and same thing at the wall post end.

The layout was done after a while, then double-checked, and the rest of the day was occupied by the cut out. The pieces were 90% done when I called it a day:

A closer look at the header for the left side of the gate, which has yet to have the dado cut for the panel:

I'm thinking it will be best to tackle the dado work for the panel at the same time on all involved framing members, one of which is the mud sill which I haven't even started in on yet.

And a look at the right side header:

The opposite ends are similar, however the central sub tenon is wider:

The foregoing views of the two sticks are showing them in an upside-down orientation. The tongue on the right hand piece remains long at this point. It will finish out at 1/2" length.

The remaining work on these two pieces comprises completing the rod tenon mortises, trimming the tongue portions, chamfering the tenon ends and arrises, and a round of hand planing. It shouldn't take more than a couple of hours to complete those tasks tomorrow.

I also re-jointed and planed the mud sill piece to finish dimension, plus 0.001", in preparation for work on it tomorrow. Anticipating completing that tomorrow, which will leave me only the two kasagi beams to fabricate and framing cut out will be complete. The place making a shaper tool for me, for machining the mountain bevel on top of the kasagi, is running a little behind in production, so I'm guessing the kasagi cut out will happen in a couple of stages.

I received a data sheet from Martin in Germany on the mounting position of the tenoning stop, so I will be fitting that on to the shaper sometime this week I imagine. I also saw their new price list for machinery, and of course everything is getting more expensive. Seems hard to keep up with. I've been thinking about getting a sliding saw, but we're talking a lot of money for a new one. Trouble is, there have been next to none of them on the used market for the past year. Ditto for a Martin planer.

All for now, over and out. On to post 47