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Gateway (39)

Post 39 in an ongoing series describing the design and construction of a kabukimon, a type of Japanese gate. This is a project for the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Post 1 in this series can be found here if you'd like to start at the beginning. Each post links to the next at the bottom of the page. Recent installments also to be found in the 'Blog archive' index to the right of the page.


Continuing on from yesterday's work, I fitted the double hammerhead keys to the magusa:

Just a look-see to check that they would all enter their respective mortises at the same time:


I then turned my attention to completing the joinery between the nose pieces and the kabuki. Here I'm employing lapped rod tenons running right through the post, secured top and bottom with a pair of tapered parallelogram-shaped keys called shachi-sen. 4 pairs of keys, male and female halves -- four hours of shop time. Here's a video showing a few highlights:

The trenches for the pins lined up okay and I was pleased with the outcome:

The view is with the magusa also in position - I left just enough room at the front face of that stick to slide the key in.

The other side:

A little adjustment to come yet, but seems to be most of the way there.

All for today. Thanks for your visit and hope to see you again. Onward and upward: post 40