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Craftsmanship in Wood - a NEW forum

I made some changes of late to the online Carpentry Study group, the foremost of which is to open the forum section up to the general public.

This forum is meant to serve as meeting and connection place for people who aim to develop themselves as craftspeople, as artisans. It's for people who are on a path of learning and mastery.

While much of the focus will be on Japanese woodworking, the idea is to also encompass traditional woodworking techniques, tools, and approaches from other parts of the globe as well. While the forum uses the term 'craftsmanship', this is not meant to exclude women in any way. The term 'craftspeopleship' didn't quite roll off the tongue so well. All are welcome.

If solid wood carpentry and furniture, joinery, and good tools is your thing, then you will undoubtedly find a place to connect with other like-minded individuals. I've asked several accomplished craftspeople to involve themselves, and they have said yes to that, so I anticipate some great discussions. It's all about sharing and deepening knowledge.

I encourage people to register to the forum using their real names, however do not insist upon it.

Here's the site link:

Craftsmanship In Wood Forum

You have to register before you can access the site, and when you visit the above link without having registered, there will be nothing to see. I administer the site and thus approve all new members, and a good 50% of new registrations are spam bots so it keeps me on my toes.

NOTE: as of March 1st, 2016, due to a high number of spambot registrations, I have changed the security from a q&a format to a request to contact me (admin). Email me and I will provide the 'answer' that will enable you to complete registration. My email contact is listed further down on the right side of the page. Sorry for the extra step, but so far being careful has paid off in no unwanted spam on the forum at all, and I want to keep it that way. The forum is not a place for commercial promotion.

The study group itself will likely be a part of the forum, occupying a category of its own. I have made some past study group projects available for free to new members. The study section alone is viewable by all, however it will require paid subscription to receive the newsletters, mailings and video for new material- please contact me directly if such material might be of interest to you. Study group memberships are the means by which we can pay for the forum hosting and keep me supplied with my favorite brand of potato chips. More on the study group format in an upcoming blog post.

Thanks for coming by the Carpentry Way, and perhaps we'll see you over on the Craftsmanship in Wood Forum?