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A Square Deal (29)

Twenty-ninth post in an on-going series.


Onward with the drawer construction and fitting. I kinda thought that today would see me through to the completion of the drawer, but no cigar.

I started by checking the fit of the drawer side and floor assembly to the frame, to ascertain how much clearance I currently had between the side of the runner and the leg:

Seven thousandths of an inch isn't much - certainly too close for a satisfactory 'real world' fit. I needed to clearance the fit so that with the lateral wear strips installed, the drawer runner would clear each side's post by a hundredth of an inch or thereabouts. I made up a simple sizing template, and proceeded to narrow the existing floor panel down in increments until I had the spacing between runners where it needed to be.

After re-establishing the floor pan's rebate on the sides, I reassembled the unit to check clearances, hoping to have gained about two hundredths of an inch:

It's a little hard to read in the photo, but that is a 0.025" feeler gauge in there, so target dimension was accomplished.

Then I turned to fitting the drawer's front piece to the frame. I used a Kapex crosscut saw to get close tot the mark, and then turned to an improvised shooting board to trim to a more exacting fit. I prefer to use a shooting board vertically, as it is much more relaxing to use a plane in the downward position than a horizontal one as with conventional shooting boards:

End grain shavings emerge from the Funahiro Kōshun smoothing plane:

Tasty. Probably be nice on sushi - hah!

Drawer front fitted for width, I set it aside to work on the drawer runner wear strips, moving them closer to where they needed to be. In the following photo, you can see how the horizontal wear strip and the vertical one fit to each other with a rebate:

To assemble, the vertical wear strip is fitted to the rebate and the assembly is tilted and slid, then snap! - into place:

In position - the horizontal wear strip is one hundredth of an inch proud of the stretcher in front, while the vertical wear strip is left a bit chubby for the time being:

The horizontal wear strip was then cleaned up a bit and I fitted the fasteners, 8-32 stainless pan head Allen screws. Here, I'm tapping the thread: 

That's a highly unofficial tap handle you'e seeing there - pay no mind. Some would say it is a prototype of a new kind of tap handle. Maybe something the world is still not ready for....

Tapping complete and the stainless screws are fitted:

Another view:

The screws are slightly recessed into the surface of the wear strip, and I also plan to relieve the surface of the drawer runner in the middle portion with a rounded dado so there is zero chance it will rub on the screws - ever.

I had intended to secure the vertical wear strips with screws as well, however #8 machine screw heads are a little too large for the available space, so I'll need to obtain some #6 screws instead:

With the horizontal wear strips in place and at the required height, I could fit the drawer lower edge to the opening, and after accomplishing that, could trim the upper edge to the line:

Here's the drawer front sitting in position after fitting:

Another view, with the drawer panel slid forward a little so the fitting line to the stretcher is more evident:

How about a closer look at the interface?:

A while later, mortises appeared in the front panel, as if by magic:

The other side:

That's as far as I got today. Hopefully tomorrow should see completion of drawer fitting. Thanks for your visit to the Carpentry Way. Comments always welcome. Onward if you dare: post 30