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A Square Deal (18)

Post 18 in a series describing the design and construction of a pair of tables in bubinga. First post can be found here, with each subsequent entry linked at the bottom of the page.


Onward and upward with the side table build. Last time out, I was working on the joints between the apron pieces. Those are now done.

When the four were fitted up, I had the apron frame sitting in front of me:

I thought I'd share close up pics of the four corners. Here's 1:



And 4:

I try to get a good fit all around, not just on the exposed surfaces (though I do fuss them a little more of course). Here are the undersides of the four corners, this portion sits atop the post so nothing on the surface is visible:



And 4:

The apron frame could be put to one side and I could start working on the tenoned and double-mitered upper post ends. Here's one at an early roughing-out stage:

I used a chop saw and bandsaw to define the tenon and miter shoulders, and then it was a bunch of chisel work after that.

Four posts now roughed out to the same point:

In the above view, two of the tenon surfaces on each post are to the line, while two are not. The miters are cut about 1/16" (1mm) fat at this juncture.

After a bit more work, the post tenons were shaped, and I could fit the stretchers to the post - here's one assembly:

Once the stretchers were fitted up, I could assemble them to the posts and put up the lower portion of the frame. Now it was time to see how the apron assembly fitted to the post tenons:

Further down:

As far as it will go down at this stage:

There's plenty of material to trim out of these miters yet, as you can see:

I had originally planned to use 1/4" (6.35mm) side panels with a raised field, however I have changed my mind and decided a sunken field in the panel would be nicer, so I made the dado wider to fit a 3/8" (9.525mm) thick panel:

Unseen in the above view is that dado continuing along the underside of the apron.

The through tenons came out acceptably I thought:

Another corner:

The apron front face will be proud of the post face by about 1/16" (1mm):

The mortises in the apron for the post tenons were given just a bit of extra room to ease fitting. An overly tight fit, with the amount of material removed from the joints, would invite potential problems. There will be a pillow block crossover assembly fitted over the tenon as well, and this will be fitted more tightly:

This tenon had perhaps more room than needed, but all good:

Another one:

Last but not least:

Next up will be the layer of pillow blocks - - or maybe I'll work on the drawer and runners. I'll see what I feel like tackling when I get to the shop tomorrow. It was nice to put an assembly together today to give a sense of a piece of furniture, instead of joint after joint.

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