Tuesday, September 30, 2014

A Square Deal (15)

Post 15 in a series describing the design and build of a pair of tables in bubinga.


Back at business after a 10-day hiatus, time to work on the two tables for my client on the West Coast. I spent the morning working on the drawings and ironing out wrinkles, taking dimensions, etc. Hit the shop for the afternoon and made some decent progress on the smaller side table.

Here are the parts I have moved along - the stretchers on the left and the posts on the right:

The stretchers have haunched tenons, with the two side stretchers also incorporating a dado for the floating panels in those locations:

Another view:

The mortises in the post associated to the stretcher tenons are also completed, save for final fitting:

A mock-up of the stretchers and posts-  the tenons will just insert but the mortises are about 0.003" tight and need a little massaging yet:

With a softer wood, one could push the parts together I'm sure, however with bubinga there isn't much room for grain compression. I'll probably try a little pre-compression (ki-goroshi) fitting so there is a slight interference fit - we'll see how it looks tomorrow.

A closer look at one of the junctions:


Over to the coffee table, I discovered upon return from my trip that two of the stretchers had bowed slightly, which was a drag. You could call it curly wood syndrome I guess. Luckily I had just enough extra for replacements. I ripped some more material to give three stretchers, along the way producing thinner boards for the side table's drawer front and infill panels:

All stock is rift~quartersawn on this project, save for the coffee table top.

So, things are moving along smoothly so far. All for now - thanks for your visit! On to post 16.

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