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A Square Deal (12)

I last left off with the table top slab tenoning work complete:

Now it is time to cut out and fit the breadboard ends. These are made from quartersawn bubinga, which have been jointed and planed over a couple of rounds to obtain straight and square-edged stock.

The breadboards ends are triple-mortised, with a stepped dado and rebated on both sides. The simple dado was cut first, and this groove jigged the cut out of the mortises, which I did on the hollow chisel mortiser:

After the mortise floors were cleaned out, I processed the step in the mid portion of the dado, and then rebated the side arrises:

Another view:

First time fitting:

It was the desired fit, requiring only gentle strikes with a dead-blow mallet to fit the piece up:


The other side also went on without a hitch:

The breadboard ends are left long for the time being, the 'horns' being a useful means of tapping the ends off when required.

Next I'll move the coffee table top along through the same steps to fit breadboard ends. When I'm done I'll update this thread with another posting.

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