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A Square Deal (9)

Post 9 in a series describing the design and build of a coffee table, end table and maybe more, all in solid bubinga.

Feeling confident that the table top slab would remain reasonably docile, I decided it was time to trim the slab to length and rough cut the tenon ends.

I referenced the layout off of the stress relief grooves on the underside of the table. Here are some of the layout tools I, ah, brought to the table:

Once I had determined the end cut lines, and triple-checked everything, I set up a long ruler against a machined straightedge to act as a circular saw guide:

The off cut is a fairly unique sorta piece really, but it went into the firewood pile all the same:

Ends trimmed to length, I then set up a second straightedge underneath, and use a double square to bring both straightedges into alignment with one another:

A closer look:

Once the straightedges were set up accurately, I used them to guide the knife lines defining the ends for the table top surface. These lines define the abutments for the breadboard ends to be fitted later on:


 Both sides then complete through this stage:

With a cleanly cut edge to reference against, I brought my groover into play to hog out most of the waste for the breadboard end tenons:

Both ends done on both faces:

A closer look - some anchor seal was applied to the end grain for the time being:

I still have to do some final trimming of the abutments, but I'll let the table sit for a few days more yet and see how any possible changes in board stresses as a result of the material removal might resolve.  I expect that the material removed will further weaken the ability of the board to mechanically cup across its width.

A commenter in an earlier post asked for a picture of the top with some alcohol on it to show the figure a bit better, so here goes:

It'll be dang pretty with some oil on it later.

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