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Ask the Man Who Owns One

I came across a series of intriguing short silent films showing the Packard Motor Car Company logging timber (film 1), milling wood (film 2), and crafting car bodies (film 3). Yes, they used to make car bodies from wood at one time, and it is fascinating to get a glimpse of how that was done. Some nifty jigs were employed, and, for a thrill, wait until you see how they get the shaper spinning:

I found the jigs quite inventive, and noted that they were using some sort of slot mortiser for the mortises on those frames. Love the line about "features which make for beauty, comfort, safety and visibility". Packard, once THE luxury automobile brand, made some management blunders after WWII which diluted the brand, then they merged with Studebaker (which happened to be close to insolvency), and they croaked in 1958. At least they had the dignity to die here in the US instead of being outsourced.