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Gateway (IV)

The Port Orford Cedar for the Museum of Fine Art (Boston) Japanese gate project arrived at long last this morning. I had the wood shipped directly to the drying facility, where it will sit in dehumidification for the next 6~8 months, followed by vacuum kiln drying.

Everything looked great, except for the strange presence of 4 short chunky pieces, and absence of the two longest and largest pieces:

The two chunks of POC near the bottom of the pile are the main gate posts.

On top of this pile are the rear post pieces, along with a couple of spares:

I asked the mill to mark the butt end of each log prior to sawing - the red and blue spray paint on the sticks you can see above- so I wouldn't have to spend time trying to determine which end was up.

Another view:

On the bottom of this pile are the 25" wide panels for the doors and flanking sections of the gate. They should dry the fastest:

All for now. Thanks for visiting! On to post V.