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Mizuya (11): What Have I Wrought?

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Not a lot of progress on the cabinet build to re-post, however I have managed to obtain some wrought iron, and from this material I have hopes of making the cabinet hardware.

So far I have about 10' of 5/8" rod, cut into 1' lengths (on the left below), and a few pieces of 1.5" threaded rod, and a handful of nails:

The nuts are about 3" square and 1.5" thick:

The pieces of 1.5" threaded rod are about 5" or 6" long:

I'm thinking to turn the 1.5" rod down on a lathe and then machining some little shallow  'cups' of wrought iron. The can form the base of a door pull. The 5/8" rod will eventually become drawer pull handles, and the square nuts, well, I have various ideas about how I will make use of them. The nails were just thrown in there by the supplier and I have no immediate plans for them, however they will be handy for practice at the forge and maybe making small drawer pull handles.

I have more wrought iron here than I need for this project, so hopefully, even with the inevitable goof ups as I try to fabricate with an unfamiliar material, I should have plenty for the job and enough left over for another project down the line.

I've also made contact with a blacksmith in the area who has a second forge that he will allow me to use, and will help me out with the fabrication where I need it. So, at least I won't be going in totally blind.

All for today - thanks for coming by.

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