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Well, now that Wimbledon has wrapped up with a scintillating men's final I can devote some time to the blogging again. I don't generally watch sports much, however I make exemptions for the tennis Grand Slams and the Olympics. It's great that this is available streamed without commercials on my computer.

I will be returning shortly to those various loose ends in the threads I have started, but for the moment wanted to share some pictures of a sweet little gate located in Williamstown MA, about 45 minute's drive away: The Gargoyle Gate which guards the football grounds of Weston Field:

This gate was built, from what I have been able to determine, around 1904, and was a presentation to the town, the location of Williams College, by the Gargoyle Society. I gather it is some sort of secret society founded in 1895. NY Yankee GM George Steinbrenner was one alumni.

A cute li'l building, and very solidly made -  I wish I could find out more about it. This is a view of the front:

The back also has an eyebrow, and one could describe, I suppose, the gable end as having a form akin to a Japanese minoko:

One more:

All for now - should be back to more regular posts this week. Thanks for swinging by the Carpentry Way.