the Carpentry Way: Three!                                                          


Well, I may be a day late, but I thought it would be worth posting up that this blog, with today's post being the 490th, and the page view total getting dangerously close to 400,000, is three years old! what long strange trip it's been, and I look forward to the 4th year with much enthusiasm and anticipation.

Compared to when I started, there are a lot more people blogging these days, however I've noticed that the vast majority of blogs never really get off the ground, and just sit static, and of those that are active, many seem to devolve into content consisting of little more than re-posting from other sites, video links, and other twitter-esque postings. It's not easy doing anything steadily, especially when the projects have not been as steady as one might hope. So, I'm feeling good in what I have managed to achive and feel that I provide content no available elsewhere. When you boil it down, it's all about content.

I'm thinking the same will hold true with the new study group that is forming and which will be getting underway in just a few days. I realize that there are other online sites where people can join study groups and work on projects but I think I will offer something unique with the Carpentry Way group. I'm not targeting the absolute beginner woodworker, as I don't think most beginners have any awareness of what is involved in Japanese woodworking and joinery, and therefore no interest. So, instead of spending time working on spice racks, calendar frames and that sort of thing, this study group will just jump right in to some challenging material. The first project is a new take on a Japanese standard - the wooden tool box. Ours will be fully joined, not nailed, and will feature a wide range of joinery. Here's a sneak peak:

So, I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the readership for coming by with regularity to this site over the past months and for giving me the encouragement to forge onwards and upwards. The next year is going to be a good one I'm sure and you can look forward to my ongoing commitment to posting up on a wide range of topics pertaining to traditional carpentry and woodworking, East and West. The 'Cap and Boots' and Gazebo series both have a few posts to go yet, and soon I'll be starting a series on the Japanese plane's chipbreaker, uraba, which should run several posts. I've actually manage to persuade Mike Laine, a former co-worker of mine in California, to contribute a post on the blog here. I think you'll find his perspective invaluable - if there is anyone who is a Japanese plane guru, it is he.

Anyway, I hope where you are the shavings are coming off cleanly and the joints are light tight. Thanks for coming by and hope to see you again next time.