Wednesday, November 30, 2011

And then a light bulb went off...

The recent premature death of my computer's speaker system, along with the recent lunacy observed in connection to the frenzy known as Black Friday, with people pepper spraying other shoppers to get what they wanted, etc., had me thinking about consumer society. That led in short order to the topic of pre-planned obsolescence once again. Funny how I often end up in the same place! By chance I came across an interesting video which deals with this topic in some detail, called somewhat ominously The Lightbulb Conspiracy. Thought I would share it here in case readers hadn't seen it. A bit less than an hour in length. There's an icon on the lower right corner to click if you want to go full screen:

I'd heard about extremely long lived light bulbs before, but didn't realize people we even throwing birthday parties for such things. Well,  I can't help but say, in light of a 100 year old bulb, more power to them!

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