Monday, March 14, 2011

Inspiration - Ford Hallam

I was sent links to two videos recently by a reader, each about one half of a documentary on acclaimed jeweler/metalsmith Ford Hallam. Hallam's path is following, and branching from, traditional Japanese metal crafts. He has indeed reached a high level of consummate artisanry in his work. I am deeply impressed by his skill, and humbled by the purity of his approach to the work, and thought I'd share these videos -Utsushi - In Search of Katsuhira's Tiger - with readers here. For full screen, click twice and you will find yourself over on YouTube.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Hallam's teacher in Japanese metal craft is Izumi, Koshiro, and here Hallam makes some comments about his sensei:

And finally, Hallam comments about his method of work, which is centered on hand tools:

I hope readers here find, like I did, tremendous inspiration in this artist's work. I feel energized to deepen my path of study and effort in the medium in which I work.


  1. I kept on watching the videos again and again. They created a unique work of arts and it exerts so much patience to finish the work. Metal craft is a tough job.

  2. Metal crafts awesome. The videos impressed me on how to work on metal. I think this kind of work requires patience.

  3. Yes, totally awesome work by Ford.



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