Sunday, November 7, 2010

Minka: the Trailer

A reader from Denmark sent me a link to this video clip, and I thought I would share it. The fellow being interviewed in the trailer is Yoshihiro Takishita, the force behind a recent resurgence of interest in Minka. The story recounts his experiences with his American foster father in rebuilding a Minka in 1967. I think, if the trailer is any indication, that the film will be well worth viewing.

"Minka" trailer from Birdling Films on Vimeo.


  1. I don't know what it is exactly, but this was compelling enough that I watched it several times. I'm glad I found this and your blog through Adam King's tweet. I love architecture like this, and of course woodworking.

  2. There is also a book written by John Roderick: Minka, farmhouse in Japan.
    He is the one who Yoshihiro Takishita is referring to.
    An interesting read where he tells the story of the reconstruction.

  3. Thanks for sharing the trailer. I sure hope that the entire film is completed. It should appeal on many levels.

  4. As an update, I see that they reached their financial goal. Good news. I look forward to the film.

  5. Hey that's good news Jeff! If you hear any more, please let us know.


  6. Luckily the full film was released for viewing:

    The aesthetic matches the subject well, with the film's gentle pace and soft filming style.

    I haven't turned up other good documentaries about Japanese carpentry, only short clips.


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