Monday, April 26, 2010

Screen Play (8)

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A few more steps have been taken in this project. One was to create a new template for defining the inner 'frame' from the outer frame. In this case, I made a duplicate of the master template, and then cut the master up along previously-marked lines. First, the rough cut piece is shaped to conform to the master template:

Then I trimmed the master template to the line:

Here's the two pieces stacked, to show the profiles at the corner:

I followed this up with a session of filing and spoke-shaving to bring the new template to the line.

Then back to the mahogany, where I was working the corner joints together. After a little chisel work, the fit was getting pretty close:

Then I made a few adjustments using a shoulder plane:

The resulting fit was improved a bit:

As you can see in the next photo, I've begun shaping the outer corner of the joint by profiling from the outside surfaces in:

I then did some work with a chainsaw file to clean up the irizumi side:

Here's how that looked afterward:

The slight opening at the right corner doesn't matter as I will be removing around 0.5" of material from the faces of the parts when I form the inner frame from the template made in the first few photos of today's post.

I then moved the shaping of the outside of the joint a little further ahead:

Then a little more chisel work and it's starting to get pretty close:

And then a little more chisel work brings it closer yet (not sure if it is obvious from the photo though):

Also in the course of today's work I trimmed the bottom of the legs closer to length, and made up some temporary wedges to lock the joints together out of some scrap Bloodwood I had kicking around. The wedges will be parallelogram-shaped in section.

That's all for today my friends, thanks for dropping by the Carpentry Way. On to post 9

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