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Tréteau XXVII

Moving right along, now at post 27 in the build up. If you're new here, or lost in the build, you may wish to look to the Blog archive to the right of the page for previous installments.

After the decision was made to trim the upper tenons on the long side braces to a 90˚ angle, it was time to get out the single side rip saw and go to work:

Then a little trial fitting was in order:

At this point I still need to trim back the root end of the tenons a bit further:

A few more rounds of fitting later, and it was time to try the entire side, braces and legs:

And then the other side could go in - partially at least:

Then it was the short side braces turn to join the party:

Things begin to come together:

Well, it's looking more and more like a sawhorse now:

Another view:

A few photos showing various points of intersection:

next one:


And another:


Well that leaves the interior x-braces to be fitted. I'll save that for next time.

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