the Carpentry Way: Battari Shōgi 7                                                          

Battari Shōgi 7

7th installment - previous posts are located in the 'blog Archive to the right side of this page.

With the corner joint mortise and tenon work complete, I now moved on to the mitered returns at the frame corners. While the returns can be done top and bottom, since the bench spends most of it's time in the down position, and the budget does not allow for me to spend inordinate amounts of time on this, I am only processing these returns on the top edge.

It was time for the sayonara saw performance for one of my 240mm ryobas:

Who is that slack-jawed punk? Fortunately the picture was taken before I had begun to drool. I need to work on looking more photogenic for these sorts of sawing pictures, or else my membership in the Sawing for Teens executive club might be in jeapardy.

The short side frame members now have their returns rough-sawn:

Then on to the long side frame rails, rip cuts first:

The saw liked to bind in the cut after it was in about a couple of centimeters- part of that is the saw is a bit dull and the kerf it produces is narrower than it might normally be, and the saw heats up quickly, and part of that is the Wenge, which saws with a quality akin to cement.

After that unpleasantness, time for some oblique cross cuts in the top edges:

Rough cuts complete:

I next cobbled together an MDF jig so I could use a router to process the miter cuts more precisely:

The result of the preliminary routing pass:

Step two in this phase was to groove the abutment of the miter for the lip on the male half:

The male halves after processing is complete:

Time to do a trial assembly of the frame:

Here's the miter at one corner:

Once together, the little protrusion of the male mitered lip will be trimmed flush.

Here's another corner, after the bit is trimmed off:

The joints came out pretty well over all, and I only needed to fiddle one corner a few minutes. It was nice to have this stage go so smoothly.

The tenons are left about 0.25" long at this point - I have decided that they will finish off flush to the surface after wedging:

Another view:

There's a little space under the male lip of the male return in this spot, but I can live with it. It needs to have a tiny bit of space at that location, but that is a tiny bit more of a gap than I would have liked. The long side rails are long of the joints by about 1/16" at this point but will end up flush to the adjacent face.

The frame assembled pretty cleanly:

Tomorrow I will fit the intermediate cross-pieces and start working on the fold-out leg assembly and wooden hinges. Thanks for dropping by today. Next up: post 8

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