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Battari Shōgi 11

This is the 11th post in this build thread - for previous installments, please check the Blog Archive to the right of the page.

I feel like I'm running a couple of days behind schedule, but it will come out in the end. Where I last left off, I had shown the processing of the cylindrical mortises. When the router was set down, I checked the fit of the lathe-turned pin:

Here's a look at the corner joint with the pin removed and the joint separated:

The fit of the pins was satisfactory, so I then marked out the pins to the length they would be cut:

The inside cutter on the marking gauge is a hair above the height of the other one, so I am only making a mark with the outer cutter by holding the marking gauge to push the outer cutter down more strongly.

Next it was time for the dull saw with a wonky tooth:

It cuts reasonable well, this Lignum Vitae. The scratch marks on the lower portion of the cut are from one of the saw teeth, which will not stay in its set after umpteen re-sets:

That tooth will probably snap off pretty soon. Like I said earlier, this is the sayonara saw performance for that unit.

Two pins are now cut to length:

Next step was to chamfer the edge of the cylinders with a chisel, and now it is time to have a look at how the main hinge joint will work. First, in goes the pin:

Then I offer up the bolster:

And on it goes:

I temporarily propped up the bench in position to see how things were shaping up:

The bolster has a little edge treatment:

These hinges look like (and feel like!) they will work fine:

That's all for today. In the next installment, I'll fit the cross-pieces to the frame, and the spindles to carry the swing-out leg assemblies. This piece is almost done now. Hope to see you then, at a stop called 'post 12'