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French Connection 7

Work continues on my two current joinery projects, and more posts will be forthcoming shortly.

Today I wanted to share with readers a couple of interesting French carpentry videos I came across recently.

This first is a pleasant audio visual experience featuring a CAD depiction of a clocher, or spire, which had suffered distortion as a result of settling at a foundation point. Some of these spires - a minority - were actually made purposely with twist, while others twisted by accident. Carpentry lesson: by fussy about the foundation details! These distorted spires look so wonderful!

Here's the link:

The next one is a bit longer and narrated in French, and concerns the layout of a delightful form of under-eave cantilevering that the French employed in 19th century carpentry. This type of layout is covered in the Mazerolle book, but in only in relation to balconies - here the layout is for the roof support for a lucarne, or dormer. An interesting video to watch, and I link it as it shows quite well what can be accomplished by the study of layout in carpentry, and gives a view to some aspects of the French method, featuring full-scale layout on the lofting floor. The video begins with a visual survey at a past compagnon masterpiece with a double geometrical staircase inside another form of spire:

Happy viewing!