the Carpentry Way: Seeing the light again                                                          

Seeing the light again

To celebrate my 151st post (it's as good a number as any), I thought I'd break the unrelieved monotony and bleeding eyeballs of all the drawing that have characterized recent posts on the Mazerolle Tréteau.

A few weeks back, I managed to take the Shrine lantern I built (see the "First Light" build thread) out to a nearby reservoir, which made a nice setting for taking some photos. It seemed like a good idea to have an intermission and show a few of those pictures now, especially given the somewhat poor pictures I had taken of the assembled piece at the conclusion of the build.

Just walking along a path..

A few steps closer:

For a different perspective, consider what a squirrel might see:

And one last one, with some disheveled fellow standing next to it - the idea being to give a sense of scale to the lantern:

In closing, I would would like to wish my US friends a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!