Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Light XXXI

The next section of the lantern build I wish to describe is that of constructing the infill panels for the gable ends. These are relatively straightforward, tongue-and-groove floating panels. I first cut the grooves in sides of the sub-ridgepole:

These grooves are places just flush to the front of the peg mortises, as you may note in the above photo.

I used a 0.25" gauge block in the completed ridge slots and transferred markings to the stub posts which support the ridge:

From the stub-posts - tsuka as they are called in Japanese - the grooves were marked and processed on the upper surfaces of the short side keta, and then from there to the long side keta:

The completed groove on the long side keta:

Next I formed the grooves for the floating panel on the underside of the upper roof boards:

That took care of the grooves - it was now time to make the panels, which I cut out of 0.4" stock:

After the panels were sawn out I trimmed to size by plane. Then I raised a field in the middle of each panel:

The corners were done in the re-entrant manner (iri-zumi, not to be confused with ire-zumi, which means 'tattoo') using various chisels:

I followed the chisel work with a quick plane pass to clean the surfaces up:

The edges and points of each panel needed a little more cut-out to fit into their slots - here's a completed panel:

Now it was time for the fitting-up:

Without too much fuss, all four were in place:

The sub-ridge now slides down into position:

And here is the result, looking up into the gable:

Next time I'll describe how the lower locking draw bars on the barge boards were constructed. Until then, dear reader, please take good care of yourself.

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