Sunday, July 19, 2009

First Light XVI

This is the sixteenth part of a series detailing the construction of a Japanese shrine lantern - see the 'archive ' sidebar at right for links to previous installments if you are new to this blog or haven't visited in a while.

After the floorboard was complete, I returned to a little bit of work still needed on the keta. First off, I dealt with the mortises for the diagonal pins that fix the post tenons into the lower portion of the keta lap joints:

Here's a completed pin mortise:

Next the noses of the short side keta were trimmed, roughly with a saw, to the slope they will need in order to fit against the roof boards:

Then I tackled the rebate which I had processed earlier on the long side keta. Now it was time to plane a slope onto one side of those rebates, also to accommodate the lower roof board, which in turn required I set up and sharpen up one of my new (from 2 years ago) corner cutting planes:

Some readers familiar with Japanese corner-cutting planes, or kiwa-ganna, may notice that the blade in the above picture has an unusual shape. This is because it is an unusual type of corner cutting plane with a low height profile. More to the point, this type of corner cutting plane is in fact a variant of the 'T' shaped plane called a gotoku ganna; cutting the 'T' shape in half (I'm speaking figuratively) results in two planes, a left and a right, which have 'L' -shaped blades. These planes are one type of plane used generally for adjusting the door track grooves in the lintels for sliding doors. They go by the name of kiwa waki ganna.

Here we go with the plane trimming the long side keta rebate to a slope:

Here's a view from the other side, which also gives a clearer shot of the plane:

Now it was time to reassemble the keta frame with the ceiling panel:

The parts all together at last, and this is the view of the underside of the keta and ceiling board:

And the view from the top side:

I guess it's been a while since I've put up any photos of the lantern housing in a more complete stage of assembly. Here's one then:

And another from on up high:

A detail shot showing the inside corner of the keta frame and the diagonal mortises for the hi-uchi pins:

The next tasks on the list are the ridgepole, stub posts, and the lattice frames for each side of the lantern housing. One last shot of the lantern housing as it stands currently, an showing the result of the short side keta nose slope cuts and long side rebate slope processing:

Please stay tuned for post 17 in this series.

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