Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Ming-Inspired Cabinet (19)

Post 19 in a continuing series.


The second set of beams with pillow block pairs has been fitted up - here shown parked next to the first set:

Another view:

I decided to tackle the next set of beams, what I call a 'cap rail assembly' for no particular reason, an assembly which sits atop the parts already fabricated.

Here's a look at the support stand in its entirety:

Elevation views are a little odd, since we don't actually view an object that way, so how about an elevation in perspective, like you were laying on the ground and looking at the stand?:

Or a regular perspective view for that matter:

The 'cap rail assembly' forms the uppermost layer of the entablature as previously mentioned - technically speaking, it would be called the cornice:

And here is that same assembly in an exploded view:

Some cut out lay ahead, in other words.

The stock was re-sawn, jointed and planed, then re-jointed and re-planed a few days later. The pieces were then super-surfaced. After that, I ganged them together for layout, which exposed some discrepancies here and there which were best ironed out, it seemed to me, using a plane:

Actually, VG bubinga is a heck of a lot easier to work than curly bubinga, so I got my 60˚ plane going and put the scraping plane to the side:

The long side pieces received similar attention:

The objective here was to get everything nice and squared up and identical in dimension:

I checked for squareness every foot or so and adjusted the surface by plane as required. It didn't require too much fiddling around to get things where they needed to be.

At the end of today, I had all the pieces laid out for their joinery:

Another view:

A view of the short end pieces and their layout:

So, that serves up a bevy of cut out action for tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to getting stuck in then.

All for today-  thanks for visiting the Carpentry Way. On to post 20.


  1. Yay, tomorrow is sawing for teens!! :)

    1. Have you seen that show? Finest TV ever!

  2. Chris,

    Please make a Ming Dynasty style piece for me some day. You're the real deal.

    Thanks for updating your blog so frequently. We rely on you!


    1. Dan,

      glad you enjoy the reads here Dan. Appreciate your comments!



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