Sunday, November 16, 2014

TAJCD Volume IV - Now Expanded!

The Art of Japanese Carpentry Drawing, Volume IV, has just been significantly revised and expanded. Over 100 addition pages of material detailing a roof carpentry application for the sawhorse -yes, "the Sawhorse in the roof" - has been added to this volume, making for a total of 250 pages.

The askew common rafter is a layout challenge, and the current focus of the Japanese Carpentry Exam, level 2. Nowhere on the planet will you find this problem addressed in more detail and thoroughness than in the expanded TAJCD Volume IV.

Here's the table of contents, giving an overview as to the breadth of material:

And a sample page of the new material:

The previous version of Volume IV, 145 pages or so, was priced at $35.00. The expanded version is only modestly increased in price, to $40.00. Previous purchasers of the old TAJCD Volume IV essay may obtain the expanded edition for just $20.00.

Please contact me directly (kurisuhoru [at] gmail [dot] com) to purchase this or other TAJCD Volumes.


Volume V is also getting close to release - looking at 240+ pages on regular hip roof work, in the Japanese manner. This essay is going to be released in the next 2 weeks I expect. The material is written and compiled now, it is the long road of the editing process which currently occupies me.

All for today -  thanks for visiting the Carpentry Way.

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