Sunday, April 1, 2012

A New Take on an Old Classic

Came across this today while trawling the net and found it an appropriate start to the month of April:

Also worth a look is this exciting new product from LeeValley:

Available for one day only! Hurry!


  1. Perfect! I'm running out for the melamine right now! Great way to start April.

  2. That was very well done. And so easy! I want a refund for the "Art of Carpentry Drawing", because it make things so hard to do :(


  3. Will and Steve, glad you liked the video clip. While the clip is presenting an exaggeration of course, it has a lot of truth to it, at least in terms of how a lot of 'wooden products' are put together these days and most definitely in terms of how product hype and actual quality of the construction are typically quite divergent from one another.


  4. Julie,

    me too!

    Good to hear from you.



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